ANNOUNCEMENT concerning the integration of Services West-Nette with Répit-Ressource

Répit-Ressource expands its expertise and service territory with the addition of Services West-Nette. The people of the West Island and east-end of Montreal now benefit from the care of our teams, merged under the name Répit-Ressource.
This merger represents much more than a simple union of companies; it is the combination of skills, experience and passions in the service of our communities. Together, we are determined to offer exceptional care and services, promote well-being and create strong ties with our employees, customers and partners.

About Répit-Ressource

Répit-Ressource de l’est de Montréal is a social economy company offering homecare services.

Among the measures submitted to the Quebec government during the march “du pain et des roses” in 1995 was the improvement of working conditions for housekeepers.

Inspired by this march and the 1996 summit on the economy and employment, Répit-Ressource became officially recognized as a social economy enterprise offering domestic help services in 1997.

About Services West-Nette

Services West-Nette is a social economy enterprise based in the West Island of Montreal, offering homecare services for seniors and people with reduced autonomy.

Since 1999, we have been providing quality service, delivered by a professional team that takes your needs to heart. Our services are based on the values of respect, caring, integrity, diversity, and inclusion.


The merger between Services West-Nette and Répit-Ressource is taking place in order to ensure the continuity and quality of your services without interruption.


For all our current clients receiving services from Répit-Ressource or Services West-Nette, we would like to assure you that there will be no change to your service schedule. You will continue to receive your services as scheduled, and we will maintain the quality and continuity of care you have always received.

No changes will be made to service rates as a result of the merger between Répit-Ressource and Services West-Nette. It is important to note, however, that every April, the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) issues a notice of the new rates applicable to each user. As an organization, we align our rates and salary conditions with these changes to ensure transparency and compliance.

Please note that our homecare contact information has been updated following the merger between Ressource Répit and Services West-Nette. From now on, we invite you to call 514-353-1479 with any questions, concerns or requests for services. You’ll be talking to the same people who know your needs best.

Will the person currently serving me remain the same after the merger?

The range of services offered will remain the same for both companies. No immediate changes are planned, and we will continue to provide our current services unchanged. Our commitment is to offer you the best possible care, and we will keep you informed of any future developments concerning the evolution of our service offering.

The merger between Répit-Ressource and Services West-nette will have no impact on cancellation, payment, or service frequency policies. Our current policies remain unchanged.


No changes are to be expected in terms of working hours and leave management. Employees can continue to follow the same procedures and policies. Work schedules and leave requests will remain unchanged, in line with the information provided to them at the time of their integration.

No, after the merger between Répit-Ressource and Services West-Nette, there will be no adjustment in the work locations of the attendants. Attendants serving the East Island and those serving the West Island will continue to work in their respective territories, with no changes. This stability also applies to all new hires.

At present, there will be no changes to benefits or working conditions. Employees will continue to enjoy the same benefits and conditions that were in place prior to the merger between Répit-Ressource and Services West-Nette. Any future changes will be transparently communicated to employees.

Employees will be informed of upcoming changes and new procedures via their tablets or by email. We have set up dedicated communication channels to ensure that relevant information is distributed quickly and efficiently. If employees have specific questions or need clarification, they can also contact the office via their tablets, by email, or by phone.

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