Tax credit for home help

How large of a tax credit am I eligible for?

To be entitled to the tax credit for home support services for the elderly for the 2020 tax year, you must:

  • be 70 years of age or over;
  • reside in Quebec on December 31 of the year.

If you turned 70 during the year, only the home support service expenses incurred on or after your 70th birthday will qualify for the tax credit.

If you had a spouse on December 31, 2020 and this person is also eligible for the tax credit, only one of you may apply for the credit.

The tax credit for home support services for seniors is financial assistance equivalent to 35% of the expenses paid for eligible home support services. This credit is in addition to financial assistance from PEFSAD.

Learn more about tax credits available for seniors:

For more information on the tax credit for home support services for seniors, we invite you to visit the Revenu Québec website.

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