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Home care for seniors

Recognizing that the demand for home care is growing rapidly, our home help service company trains some attendants to provide personal home care.

Assisted daily living (ADL) provides home support for people with physical or intellectual disabilities and/or organic mental disorders. When our wish is to live at home for as long as possible, now and then we need a little help to make this wish come true.

Learn more about assisted daily living (ADL) with the CIUSSS MCQ.

How our attendants can help with daily life tasks

Our attendants are discreet and respectful, allowing people who are experiencing a loss of autonomy to live in their own home, with dignity.

Attendants offering these services have followed their PDSB training (principles of safe movement of beneficiaries). They are also certified in first aid (CPR).

How we can help on a daily basis:

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