Home care services

Why choose Répit-Ressource?

Répit-Ressource de l’Est de Montréal is a social economy business offering domestic help services (cleaning, meal prep, help running errands, assistance with daily living [ADL], and respite care).

Whatever your needs (home care, work-family balance, etc.), the advantages of our home care services are numerous.

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Our Clientele

What are the benefits of home care services?


Home help services make a huge difference in supporting elderly people at home. We are here to provide that support. Click to learn more.

People with disabilities

Anyone with limited mobility can benefit from our versatile and affordable home help services to assist with carrying out daily activities. Click to learn more.


Family life is a never-ending whirlwind. Do you feel overwhelmed by shopping, housework, schoolwork, music lessons, and family activities? We can help reduce your stress. Click to learn more.

Young professionals

Whether it's saving you time by helping with chores you don't have the time and energy for - we can help! Click to learn more.

General Public

Regardless of your age, health, job, financial situation, or marital status, you can benefit from our services. Click to learn more.

Emplois à Domicile

Vous cherchez un emploi dans les services à domicile?

Trouver un emploi dans un secteur significatif et en croissance. Vous pouvez contribuer à faire une différence significative dans la vie des personnes que nous servons.

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